Main cycles

We are convinced that the analysis of real work is a requirement for identifying the means of progress and performance of an organisation. We propose to change the way we look at work in order to go beyond analyses centred on employment and staff numbers. We wish to highlight companies which, by reversing the way they look at work, have succeeded in changing practices and organisational methods, with social and economic gains as a result.

This shift in perspective will be based on:

  • case studies
  • on-site visits
  • multiple and complementary reading keys

The cycle is divided into three stages.

  • The first stage crosses points of view on work: looking at / analysing / listening to / questioning the work closely.
  • The second phase is dedicated to on-site visits.
  • The third phase is devoted to working on cases brought in by the participants: work as a pathfinder for an issue raised by a manager (digital, safety, health, etc.).

The case analysis is central to the cycle. The situations brought by the participants will be taken up in depth during the third phase, based on the insights provided during the two previous phases.

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